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Reversing trends... some good news and something to think about.

8 out of 10 young Britains want to become Entrepreneurs, great news for UK Plc, this a a reversing trend. The previously enterprising young Asians have gone the other way. Put off by saturated retail businesses that their parents were running, most are now seeking employment in a difficult employment market.
May not bode well for the future.
High profile entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg alongside TV programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragons' Den are having a profound effect on the dreams of Britain's children. According to a recent survey of 2,000 youngsters, commissioned to support the Ambition AXA Awards, more than three-quarters of 11 to 18-year-olds say they would like to start their own business in the future.  And around half (47%) say that they have always wanted to be their own boss.

Online, digital and IT are among the most popular areas of business interest for young Brits, with more than one in five saying they will pursue their ambitions in these sectors.

And - for once - both boys and girls are in agreement: 75% of girls want to run a business of their own, while 80% of boys have entrepreneurial dreams.

Karren Brady, one of the Ambition AXA Awards judges and a champion of young people in business, says: "It's wonderful to see that at last the number of women being motivated into entering the business world is growing.

"Gender should never be an issue when it comes to achieving ambitions and has no place in the modern world. I've long been aware that women like me are paving the way for our daughters, so it's rewarding to see that this is now happening."

But more can still be done to support and nurture entrepreneurship. Of the quarter of young people not keen on running their own business, 17% say it is down to a lack of confidence. However, the majority admit it is down to finances: 40% worry about the money required to start it, while 38% are concerned by the risk of failure.

These findings are backed by business education charity Young Enterprise, whose own data reveals that 250,000 of their members are under 18. Catherine Marchant, director of Young Enterprise, says: "It's heartening to see how many young people dream of becoming an entrepreneur. We're living in a culture where stories of dreams started in someone's bedroom becoming big business abound, and that's clearly having an inspirational effect.

"What concerns me among these results is that many say they lack the confidence to follow their dream or fear failure. That is why we put 5,000 volunteers from 3,500 real businesses into classrooms up and down the UK every year to inspire young people and give them the skills and ambition to succeed in business. Programmes like The Apprentice and Dragons' Denand schemes such as the Ambition AXA Awards can only help."

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