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The entreprenuerial spirit is a gift that inspires the best out of people. It is a passion for adventure leadership and ambition. Here are some Bright Ideas for budding entreprenuers.

·         If you have the entrepreneurial spirit but have never jumped off the cliff before, get yourself a hang glider. Get a mentor who can hold your hand particularly during the early stages, overcome inexperience with good advice

·         Develop a Business Plan that is realistic and sells your idea, your USP; because only then can you raise finance in the current economic conditions. 26 years ago I considered selling my wife’s jewellery to raise money for my business and instead ended up selling my house as that proved to be the safer option!

·         Running your own business is a high risk adventure, it requires you to invoke qualities and skills that you do not know you possess. You must have a strong belief in yourself, be highly motivated and energetic and have the ability to overcome odds, come what may.

·         The vast majority of new businesses fail due to poor execution of the business idea. One of the most common and most fatal mistakes is insufficient working capital. Do not underestimate the operating costs of your business. Poor planning is another pitfall you must avoid falling into, get good professional help

·         You must have a burning passion for your business, a passion that stops you from sleeping, that helps you develop a vision, a vision that you craft into a business that becomes your life. My life has been like that, but I never allowed the passion to override the compassion with which I have conducted my life

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